The Austrian capital is now preparing itself for New Year’s Eve – or Silvester as they say in German.

Vienna, in keeping with other large European cities, will transform itself into a pathway of New Year revelling called Silvesterpfad or New Year’s Eve Trail. All the details come as an App called Oroundo Vienna, details of download can be found here


The Marketing people are attempting to break a world record with this App to ”to create the largest digital mobile phone fireworks display”.  The fun starts at 14.00 and continues until 02.00 on New Year’s Day.

Those wishing to take advantage of the proximity of the capital of Slovakia may be interested in a Danube cruise with the Twin City Liner.!

Whichever option you choose it will be a great experience.  Did you know that it is traditional to walz to the Blue Danube by Johann Strauss at New Year in Austria?

Or that people exchange gifts of mushrooms, piglets, four leaf clover and chimney sweeps as good luck charms?  If you’re curious you can read more on this blog from kcblau.

Finally, the Austrians celebrate with fireworks.


Understatement.  Not public displays but daredevil hand held, thrown crackers, bangers, Roman candles, you name it.  They are supposed to be banned in the city centre but in the suburbs it is Armageddon at midnight.  Expect at least 15 minutes of furious explosions, bangs, whizzes and hisses which will rumble on for quite a while longer.  It has to be seen [and heard] to be believed. P1130244crop.jpg